Intergrated Solar Traffic Light

Intergrated Solar Traffic Light

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Product Details

L: 435  W: 380  H:3000

Product Description

The integrated solar traffic light utilizes solar energy to generate electricity, which does not consume conventional energy, having obvious energy-saving effect and environmental protection. As a China integrated solar traffic light factory, we produce energy-saving product with high efficiency, contributing to the protection of the earth.

This traffic light from we China integrated solar traffic light factory adopts integrated LED luminare, and has the advantages of low power consumption and energy saving compared with traditional light source. The lamp body uses disposable aluminum die-casting or engineering plastics (PC) injection molding. The traffic light is processed by high-precision digital control machine to ensure high strength, high-precision, evenness and stability. It also adopts electrostatic spray technology to avoid influence of sunshine, rain, snow, salty and alkali gases, dust, erosion and so on.

The integrated solar traffic light has good visibility and stable signal color. It is maintenance-free. No additional cable laying is needed, which greatly reduces the construction workload and construction cost. It is suitable for all kinds of intersections.

We are a China integrated solar traffic light factory, and our product size specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.


Product Parameters

Lamp surface diameter:  Φ300mm ; Φ400mm; 300x300mm; 400x400mm;                                      500x500mm; 600mmx600mm


color: red(620-625),green (504-508), yellow (590-595)


voltage :187V-253V,50Hz


Rated power: Φ300mm<10w  Φ400mm<20w


work life :50000 hours 


work environment : -40℃- +70℃


Relative humidity: ≤95%


Reliability: MTBF>10000 hours


Maintainability: MTTR ≤0.5 hours


IP rating: IP54

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