Solar Street Light Pole Corrosion Process What Are The Requirements

- Mar 01, 2018-

(1) Spray outdoor powder coating has the advantages of good adhesion and high hardness, but the outdoor powder coating has the disadvantages of poor aging resistance, gloss loss and easy powdering. Good outdoor powder can keep the light and preserve the color for about 3 years. Less than a year on the discoloration, loss of light, flour phenomenon. Recommend the use of pure polyester paint excellent weathering performance, weathering performance up to 7 years. Longer time requirements, it is recommended to paint painting.

(2) spray paint

Many varieties of paint, paint on the election, the correct construction is to ensure the quality of the coating effect of the use of an important factor.

Most of the use of light poles for long-term, requiring high weather performance, it is recommended for the topcoat fluorocarbon and acrylic polyurethane finish;

Lamppost substrate is usually galvanized steel, therefore, to choose to adapt to the galvanized steel primer. Do not use alkyd antirust paint, it can not use red antirust paint.