Solar Cell Some Related Introduction

- Mar 01, 2018-

Solar street lamp solar cells using silicon and other semiconductor photovoltaic effect through the p-n structure directly to sunlight into electrical energy. As the solar cell itself easily broken, easily corroded, if exposed directly to the atmosphere, photoelectric conversion efficiency as a result of moisture, dust, acid rain and other performance degradation, resulting in damage failure. Therefore, solar cells generally must be encapsulated, laminated, etc. into a flat panel structure put into use.

One of the most popular method of packaging laminate, the solar cell will soon be the front and back with a layer of transparent, anti-aging, good adhesion of hot-melt EVA film encapsulation, the use of high transparency, low impact resistance Carbon steel glass cover, with wet acid-resistant Tedlar composite film (polyvinyl fluoride film) or glass and other materials as the backplane, through the vacuum lamination process EVA film will be the battery, the front cover and the back Board bonding as a whole, which constitutes a practical solar cell power generation devices, commonly known as solar modules or components, commonly known as solar cells or panels.