Led Street Light Good Or Bad Resolution Skills

Feb 15, 2019
Led Street Light Good Or Bad Resolution Skills

Led Street Light Power Good Or Bad Resolution Skills

1, see whether led street light power supply is energy efficient and efficient

The led street light project is the representative project of the current national energy conservation and emission reduction project. On the light-emitting components, the characteristics of the LED itself have achieved very good energy-saving effects, but the energy saving of the LED street lamp power supply has been ignored by major manufacturers, so the energy-saving power supply is beyond doubt. It will be the most important part of the LED street light power supply in the future.

2, look at the lightning protection performance of led street light power supply

Street lights are installed outdoors, lightning strikes are a very big threat, so we need to lightning protection of street lights, external lightning protection of street lights combined with internal lightning protection, set up the lead wire and simple ground net in the street lamp installation position, these system components External lightning protection system, the system can avoid the fire and personal safety accident caused by lightning strikes in the street lamp. The internal lightning protection system refers to the protection of the street lamp through the grounding and setting voltage protection inside the led street light power supply. Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish the led street light power supply. Quality is good or bad, and lightning protection performance is one of the standards.

3, look at the design margin of led street light power supply

At present, the application environment of led street lamps sold in the domestic market is very complicated. The main reason is that the power supply voltage is unstable. In the case of ordinary mains power supply, the actual input voltage tends to have a large deviation, and various surges. Unsafe factors such as wave impact affect the normal operation of led street light power supply, which requires the power supply to have a certain design margin.

4, see whether led street light power supply uses high quality components

The led street light power supply is mainly used in the outdoor environment. It has to withstand the harsh environment of wind, rain and thunder and lightning, and the outside temperature can reach 50 °C at the highest temperature, and it can reach -40 °C at the lowest. At present, the key components of the power supply are still some passive components and power components, such as capacitors, inductors, MOS, etc., and the best quality of these components is still the products of American and Japanese manufacturers, and the durability of Taiwanese and domestic products. There are still gaps in anti-jamming, environmental adaptability, quality, etc. Therefore, we can choose products produced by American and Japanese manufacturers when choosing.