Install Landscape Lights, Garden Lights Should Pay Attention To What

- Mar 01, 2018-

1, in cable trenches, hand hole well and into the control box, power distribution cabinets and intermediate joints, terminal should be equipped with a record of cable specifications, type, line name or circuit number of the cable signs.

2, the middle of the cable connection or terminal head must be sealed waterproof. Cut the cable can not be damaged cable core insulation skin. Each cable route construction should have an original record of construction, including: cable type, size, length, date of installation, intermediate connector, and terminal header number. This will prevent changes and modifications to the cabling and will facilitate easy cabling repair.

3, each garden lamp geographic cable lines have changed, they should promptly correct the appropriate technical information and cable signs to ensure the correctness of the line data.

4, before and after the cable laying must use 500V insulation resistance meter insulation resistance measurement, generally not less than 10MCl.