why solar street lights cannot work at night

Jul 14, 2020

Recently, a customer responded to us: the solar street light does not turn on when it gets dark. I want to know what is going on. Here the solar street lamp manufacturer gives the following reply: If the solar street lamp has been installed and it has been used normally for a period of time, first check the response of the indicator light of the controller. If neither of the two indicator lights is on, the controller may have been If it is damaged, the system may be subjected to strong current impact, such as direct lightning strike or short circuit.


If it is found that the indicator light of the solar street lamp controller shows normal discharge at night, and there is enough voltage when checking the battery, but even if the street lamp lamp is not lit, we recommend that the positive and negative poles of the solar street lamp be directly connected to the positive and negative poles of the battery for testing. If the test finds that it cannot be discharged, then the lamp driver or rectifier is likely to be damaged. It is recommended to use a professional multimeter to check again.


The solar street light controller displays undervoltage status, and does not turn on the light after dark, but the battery voltage has exceeded the undervoltage value, indicating that the battery has power. In a 24V system, the undervoltage protection value is about 22.2V (the default value of the controller). After the battery drops to this voltage point, the controller turns off the power and stops discharging, mainly to protect the battery from being overdischarged and affecting the subsequent use of the entire device .


The solar street light panel will charge the battery during the day, and the charging voltage will only continue to discharge when it is charged to 24V (the default value of the controller). The main purpose of this setting is to avoid the battery from being damaged by deep discharge during the regular period. . In the case of battery undervoltage, if the solar street lamp controller is not restarted, between 22.2 volts and 24 volts are undervoltage. Only when the battery voltage of the solar street lamp is charged above 24 volts will it continue to discharge.