Why solar street lights are so popular in rural areas

Jul 23, 2020

With the general improvement of living standards, most of the rural areas are no longer linked to isolation and poverty as they did in the past. Everything is also developing towards science and technology. In the past night, except for the light from the houses, the rural areas were everywhere. It’s darkness and life at night is also very inconvenient

1. Convenience of installation: When solar street lights are installed, there is no complicated wiring. As long as the cement base is installed, the battery pit can be installed, and it can be fixed with bolts. It can be said to be a substantial manpower, material saving, convenient and practical.

2. Low cost: Solar street lights are basically a one-time investment, free of electricity charges, and the investment will be recovered after a few years, further reducing the probability of maintenance.

3. Safety: Do not consider its stability, reliability, safety issues, let alone the hidden dangers of electric shock, fire, etc., let alone drawing wire design drawings, etc...