When do solar LED street lights or their accessories need to be replaced?

Aug 15, 2019


1. The lamp is rusted and the deformer should be replaced.

2. The mirror surface of the luminaire fails and should be replaced.

3, the lamps should be strong and correct, the deduction is loose, tilting the appearance.

4, the lampshade should be intact and not broken.

5, the lamp body hoop should be cut to the pole, the configuration should not be too long.

6. The buckle of the clear cover should be used well and restrained.

7, the lamp dustproof strips should be completely, not correct to repair.

8. The lamp cover and mirror should be cleaned and cleaned when it is overhauled. If it cannot be cleaned, it should be replaced.

9, all kinds of iron parts are not severely rusted or loopholes, scars, etc. The paint peeling rust should be rust-painted or galvanized.

10. Turn off the lamp lead of the lamp, and use heat-resistant insulation pipe maintenance (asbestos pipe or porcelain pipe).

11, lamps, lamps can not be tortuous, all departments of the firm screws need to add springs eyeliner tight, deductive loose.

12. When a lamp is used for a lamp with a different scale, the lamp should be firmly fixed to the same position as the bulb to obtain the best light distribution curve.

13. The lamp 坨 and the lamp flange are required to be matched with cracks and scratches. The screws should be completely. The length of the bolt should be able to penetrate the lamp flange.

14. The mirror of the luminaire should not be damaged or deformed during the process of transportation. The lampshade should be covered with a rubber ring and wiped out. When the lamp socket is broken copper of porcelain, it should be interchanged.