What? ! Street lights can still play like this?

Sep 25, 2020

Street lights play a pivotal role in the urban landscape. During the day, as urban furniture, its shape, color matching, and layout are of great help to the improvement of the city's taste. At night, as a lighting tool, it not only improves people's visibility at night and ensures the safety of people's activities at night, but it can also clearly outline the outline of the city at night. With the rapid economic development, people began to have spiritual pursuits, so even street lights have turned on a different style of painting. Today TX solar will bring you some "creative street lights" to refresh your understanding of street lights~

1. Umbrella creative street light

Umbrella creative street light

We have also tried walking on the road and suddenly the sky started to rain, and then you would find that you didn't bring an umbrella at all. At this time, our umbrella creative street light plays its role. It is said that as long as there is a drop of rain on the street lamp, the umbrella set on it will automatically open.


2. Talking street lamp

The talking street lamp is not really talking. This street lamp is like a speech bubble in a comic book. The display board is changeable and can change different themes according to seasons or events.


3. Rechargeable street lights in Paris


There is a new street lamp on the streets of Paris, France. In addition to its basic function as a street lamp, it also provides people with seating for rest. They look like they were hand-carved. In fact, the street lights and attached seats are all industrially processed, which can combine different types of trees in the nearby area. Different installation methods are suitable for streets with different characteristics, and the seat length can reach 15 meters.


Its other major feature is: environmental protection. The aluminum dome makes the light diverge directly downward, reducing light pollution and improving energy utilization. On the other side of the vault is a solar panel, which can provide street lights with electricity for 3 hours. Even better, there is a small hole in the street light, which can charge pedestrians' mobile phones. If you’re walking on the road and your phone runs out of power, you might as well rest in your seat for a while and recharge your phone.


4. Blooming street lights

Street lights can still play like this

Jerusalem, covering an area of 126 square kilometers, HQ architectural design office produced 4 flowers "Warde" for this. Four large bright red flowers are placed in the center of Valero Square. Each flower has a diameter of 9 meters and is equipped with an independent sensor. The flowers bloom when someone approaches, and the petals close together when people leave.