What is the main impact on the life of Solar battery?

Mar 22, 2019

      The length of life of solar street lamps depends on the length of battery life. The battery of solar street lamps determines the life of solar street lamps. We must calculate the conditions that affect the life of solar street lamps, and we can calculate the usage time of solar street lamps. It is possible to increase the use time of solar street lights.

      The cycle life of the battery of solar street lamp is mainly determined by the process structure and manufacturing quality of the battery, but the process and maintenance work in use also have a certain impact on the life of the battery, sometimes the impact is relatively large. First, the depth of discharge is on the battery. The cycle life has a great influence, and the battery is subjected to deep discharge, and the cycle life is shortened.

      Then, the battery of the same street capacity of the solar street lamp often uses large current charging and discharging, which has an impact on the battery life. The high current charging, especially the overcharging is the active material of the plate is easy to fall off, and the positive and negative plates are made in severe cases. Short circuit, large current discharge, the generated sulfate particles are large, the active material of the plate can not be fully utilized, and the actual capacity of the battery will continue to decrease continuously, which also reduces the life of the solar street lamp battery.