What details determine the lighting effect of the solar street light

Mar 21, 2019

1. The heat dissipation of the lamp head is not well done.

      The heat dissipation is good, and it has a great influence on the LED light efficiency and life. If the heat emitted by the LED cannot be dissipated in time, it will cause a non-uniform distribution of thermal stress, which will lead to a decrease in the luminous efficiency of the chip and the excitation efficiency of the phosphor. When the temperature changes, the performance and packaging structure of the LED will be affected, which will affect the reliability of the LED. Therefore, try to choose a lamp with a better heat dissipation effect, and don't try to use the lamp head that is cheaper to cut corners.

2, although the same is 1W LED, but there are still many differences

      There are also many parameters that affect the LED lighting effect. For example, LED luminous flux, color temperature and chip size will have an effect on its luminous effect. The same brand of chips, you use 35mil chips, it is not as good as 45mil, in addition, different brands of chips, the effect is also different. The so-called one-point price.