What are the protective tests for solar street lighting systems?

Mar 27, 2019

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1 battery discharge protection test

     When the battery is powered by the load, the battery voltage will decrease with the discharge time. When the battery voltage is 10.5V, the controller will cut off the battery to the load, and the external power supply will be 220V. When the light is illuminated, the battery is charged by the solar panel. When the voltage returns to 12.5V, the controller will automatically cut off the mains supply and change to the battery power supply mode.

2 battery overcharge protection test

     When the solar panel is always charging the battery, if the battery voltage is charged to 14.3V, the controller turns off the charging circuit, and when the voltage drops to 13.6V, the charging circuit is turned on again.

3 load short circuit protection test

     When the load power is greater than 50W, the controller turns off the load, and after a delay of 10s, the load can be automatically turned on again, and the load can work normally for the 30W load (the controller is designed to have a load rated power of 35W).