What are the factors that affect the life of solar street lights?

Mar 17, 2019

      1. Illumination light source: Different life sources of light source are different. The light source that can be selected includes low-pressure sodium lamp, low-voltage electrodeless lamp, LED street lamp and low-voltage fluorescent lamp. Today, there are more sodium and LED lights. The sodium lamp is cheap. The number of lives is short. LED lights are now of good quality at 50,000 hours, theoretically 10 hours a day, and can be used for more than 10 years. So first choose a good light source.

      2. Light source actuator: Different starting methods are different, ballasts with different requirements or driving power lights. This part has a great influence on the light source. Especially LED light sources. Today, constant current source drives are often used. Whether the constant current source is good or not and whether the parameter size is suitable for the light source is very important. Mainly: constant current accuracy, output power, maintenance circuit, parameter setting scale, etc.

      3, solar controller: solar street lamp system not only control, monitor, maintain the operating conditions of photovoltaic modules, batteries, loads. Together with the useful operation of the battery, the load (solar street light) is directly maintained, providing a useful and relatively stable working environment, especially in critical conditions such as lack of battery power or undervoltage operation. A high-precision, functionally stable manipulator plays a key role.

    For example, sometimes solar street lights will work in a flashing situation. This fault controller is one of the reasons. But not all the reasons.

      4. Battery: Select a battery with stable function. And the construction should be close, and beware of unexpected factors such as water intake. Otherwise it will directly affect the life of the street lamp.