TX solar teaches you how to choose light pole

Dec 15, 2020

1. According to the height of street lights: high pole lights, middle pole lights, road lights, courtyard lights, lawn lights, underground lights;

2. According to the material of street light pole: hot-dip galvanized iron street light, hot-dip galvanized steel street light and stainless steel street light;

3. According to the street light source: sodium street light, LED street light, energy-saving street light, new Somium xenon street light.

4. According to the shape: Chinese lamp, antique lamp, landscape lamp, one-arm street lamp, two-arm street lamp.

5. According to the power supply mode: city circuit lights, solar street lights, wind and solar street lights


Street lights involve lighting technology and are suitable for street lights. The purpose is to design a high-efficiency electronic energy-saving street lamp with long life, low power consumption, high power factor, and low current harmonic content. The high-efficiency electronic energy-saving street lamp includes power grid high-pressure leakage branches R1 and C1, rectifier bridges D1-D4, power factor correction branches C2, D5, and D6, high-intermediate frequency glitch filter branches L1, L3, and high-frequency oscillation circuits connected in sequence BG1-BG2, start branch L2, C7 and tube T; save electricity by 80% compared with the previous street lamp; harmonic content THD <25%, extend the life of the tube by 3-4 times