Things to do before installing solar street lights

Mar 19, 2019

1 Selection and disassembly of solar LED street lights. The disassembly location should be near the installation location to facilitate post-assembly transportation. Try to avoid working in the rain.


2 Check the luminaire according to the shipping list. Disassemble and refer to the packing list to check each part and check for damage such as bumps, abrasion, deformation and scratches. The pole assembly and wear-resistant accessories (such as solar modules, lamp holders, etc.) must be placed with a soft mat that is soft to avoid unnecessary damage such as scratches during installation. When the lower pole assembly is placed, an iron frame support is required at the upper end to facilitate the installation of the pole assembly.


3 Check the positive and negative signs of the solar cell module to ensure that the positive and negative terminals are connected correctly. Use a multimeter to verify it to prevent flag errors. Verification method: use the red and black test pens of the digital multimeter to respectively touch the two electrodes of the battery component. If the positive value is positive, the corresponding electrode of the red test pen is positive. If the negative value is negative, the corresponding electrode of the red test pen is negative. The other positive and negative test methods are the same. this.