The maintenance of solar street lights is also essential

Sep 23, 2019

     Now with the continuous promotion of national policies, many places are promoting pilot solar street lights, especially in new rural areas. In some areas, solar street lights are used for large-scale promotion. Since the average life of lead-acid batteries is now widely used in solar street lights, it is charged and discharged 500 times. It needs to be charged and discharged once a day on the street. It can also take about one and a half years. At this time, it needs to be replaced and maintained. .

     According to professionals, compared with ordinary streetlights, the initial investment is large, and the maintenance cost is relatively high. The battery is replaced once every half to two years. The cost is about 1-3 initial investment, and other sources are also damaged. Need to be replaced. Therefore, with the solar street lighting road lighting project, only one photovoltaic lighting system is installed in place, and it cannot be used once and for all, but it should also be given necessary maintenance, otherwise the constant lighting function of the solar street light cannot be realized.