The five advantages of LED street light source

Apr 22, 2019

The five advantages of LED street light source display:

The first long life: led street lights use advanced system integration technology, ingenious heat dissipation structure, and the application of polymer materials, life expectancy of more than 50,000 hours.

The second maintenance quantity is low: the LED street lamp adopts aluminum alloy die-casting lamp shell, which is waterproof, impact resistant, anti-oxidation and shock-proof. It has no vulnerable parts such as tungsten wire and glass bulb; it is specially designed with heat-dissipating fins for different seasons. , use in different weather temperatures for a long time. The special combination design of various materials makes the LED street lamp strong and durable, and the running state is basically not affected by the external environment, reducing unnecessary trouble and cost caused by maintenance.

The third voltage range is wide: traditional street lights require a high power supply system. High-power transformers and large-area transmission lines are expensive, and traditional street lamp voltages cannot be greatly fluctuated. Otherwise, the life of the lamps will be seriously affected. The LED street lamp uses a dedicated drive module, and the brightness of the LED street lamp does not change when the voltage fluctuates. When the voltage changes from 180V to 280V, the whole driver can achieve constant current drive, which ensures the brightness of high-power LED street lamps. In addition, the drive has many protection functions to ensure the reliability of the entire power grid under abnormal conditions.

The fourth green environment: waste can be recycled, no pollution; does not contain mercury.

Fifth Safety: LED lighting is a kind of solid-state lighting, which can effectively prevent earthquakes and explosions. It is especially suitable for highways, bridges and tunnels and mines with higher safety requirements.