The cost of solar street lights has to be considered

Oct 22, 2019

Solar street lights have become more and more popular in today's social fires. With the gradual popularization of solar street lamps, the cost of solar street lamps has become a top priority.

      In recent years, the production capacity of solar cells in China has soared, and the price of its products has dropped from 80 yuan/watt at the beginning of the "seventh five-year plan" to below 40 yuan/watt. The price bottleneck of promoting the use of solar photovoltaic application products has been basically solved, and the promotion of its products is no longer restricted due to the high price of solar photovoltaic products, so that it is expected to become rapidly popularized. It is expected that by the 1920s and 1930s, the cost of solar power generation may be reduced to the level of conventional electricity prices.

The use of solar lighting and lighting projects can save a lot of money every year. It not only brightens the city, but also develops the city ecologically and makes full use of energy. It is the most reasonable development direction in the world.

Take the solar staircase aisle lights of a 20-story high-rise residential building as an example: the one-time cost is about 10 yuan per square meter, and the service life is about 15 years. Compared with the emergency light with its own battery, the one-time cost is almost the same. Solar lighting has a longer life and saves on electricity bills.

Take the solar garden light as an example: every 3,000-4,000 yuan, about twice as expensive as ordinary garden lights, but if you count the investment in electrical pipelines and distribution facilities plus 3 to 5 years of electricity and daily maintenance fees, The cost is also basically the same.