Solar street lights are still excellent in winter lighting

Sep 27, 2019

As we all know, the working principle of solar street lamps relies on solar panels to absorb the sun's radiance to obtain heat, and converts the obtained heat into kinetic energy for storage into its own battery pack. Therefore, many people will think that, like the winter in the north of China, the situation of the sun is so quiet that the solar heat that solar street lamps can absorb is limited, which leads to abnormal work.

    In fact, the solar street lights did not respond to normal conditions in the winter. However, if you encounter snow, you will receive a response, especially in the northeastern region of China, where there is much snow in the winter. Once the solar panel is covered with thick snow, the battery pack will absorb the light and the solar street lamp will have no residual heat. Converted to kinetic energy for street lights to illuminate.

    It is believed that the solar street lights in winter can be used as usual, and it is best to clean them in the wild or machine when there is snow in the battery pack. In addition, when installing solar street lights, it is necessary to think about the meteorological environment in the field. If there is snow all year round, it will be solemn. Millions of solar street lamp consumers are also thinking about the process of development and manufacturing. Renovation and improvement, all achievements will not be a problem.

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