Solar street light system is very similar to the human body

Aug 08, 2019

The solar street lamp system generally consists of a solar panel, a controller, a battery, a lamp holder, a lamp pole, a cable, and the like. In terms of image, this system is similar to the human body. People work hard every day and need food to replenish energy. The sun is the inexhaustible food energy of the street lamp. The solar panel is similar to the human mouth to absorb energy. The battery is the stomach for storing energy, and the lamp is a hardworking tool to bring light to the world. . The solar street light system is different from human beings. It is eaten during the day and worked at night. But with these torso alone, the solar streetlight system has no way to operate, and the controller acts as a brain, and he sends commands to the torso through the neurons (corresponding to the wires in the streetlight system). The basis for sending these instructions may be external factors or internal factors. For example: nothing to eat (no sun light) to start work, something to eat (have sun light) to stop working and start eating; stomach full (battery full) need to stop eating, stomach hungry, even at night When it is time to work, you need to rest and save your energy.