Solar Street Light Panel Introduction

Jul 07, 2020

The solar panel's solar panel is a very important component and plays a key role. What we want to introduce today is the use of the solar panel.


The solar panel has a light control sensor in the battery board, which uses RC components to charge and discharge, and can also assist the controller to complete the switch light control, charge the battery in daylight, and so on.


Solar LED street lights use solar power to supply energy. During the day, the solar panel actively charges the battery to store power. At night, the active switch lights up, no manual handling and replacement of the battery is required, and it can be used continuously for a long time (the solar battery life is 15 ~ 20 years), save money safely. There is no need to add any expenses, and the operation cost is low. It is an aspirational replacement product for the original street lamp. It is mainly used for lighting installations in road traffic, urban streets, etc.


Solar LED street lights generally have booster circuits. Now all solar street light manufacturers use vibration circuits and inductors to boost. The standard color code inductor is used for the inductance. The standard color code inductor is used to open the magnetic circuit, and the magnetic flux loss is large, so the circuit power is low. Assuming that a closed magnetic circuit is used to make an inductive boost, such as a magnetic ring, the power of the boost circuit will go a long way.