Solar street light component configuration

Mar 20, 2019

7大构成Solar street lights are composed of solar modules, batteries, controllers, light sources, bracket systems and various accessories. The working principle of the solar street lamp is to use the solar module to absorb the sunlight and convert it into electric energy and store it in the battery through the controller. When the night falls temporarily (or the sky brightness is not enough), the controller grasps the battery to supply the energy-efficient LED light source to complete the environment. illumination.

Solar street light component design:


Designed according to the requirements of the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC:61215:1993, 36 or 72 monocrystalline silicon solar cells are connected in series to create 12V and 24V types of components. The module can be used in various household photovoltaic systems, independent photovoltaic power plants and grid-connected photovoltaic power plants.

Component selection for solar street lights:


Solar street light battery: Take a crystalline silicon solar cell. The anti-reflection film of the battery is a silicon nitride film enhanced by plasma chemical vapor deposition, which is dark blue. The uniform conversion efficiency of the battery is >17%.


Component frame: The component frame is made of an anodized high-quality aluminum alloy frame with a surface aluminum oxide film thickness of 25 microns. The component frame is provided with four sets of screw holes for easy installation and a set of grounding holes. The solar street light is fully satisfied with the certification requirements of international prestige institutions.