Solar garden lights function and routine maintenance

Mar 01, 2018

1. Rugidity, low boiling point of aluminum, high flexibility, easy to deformation encountered high temperatures, relative to the steel, the less robust. Generally not recommended for use in large areas of the wind. The wall thickness of steel materials can be increased, high stability, strong support, wind resistance up to 36km / s, earthquake 8.8 above.

2. The price of garden lights, cast aluminum production process is complex, expensive materials, unique shape and other advantages, so the price is relatively higher than steel materials, garden lights 3 times -6 times is normal. From the modeling point of view, cast aluminum garden lights are not necessarily the most beautiful and peculiar, landscape lights made of steel garden lamp is also very beautiful.

3. Workmanship, cast aluminum and cast iron work more complex than the steel material, here to analyze the issue of aluminum. First of all, to burn the aluminum liquid, and then through a special abrasive liquid into a type, the middle of the aluminum rod will be carved a variety of patterns, to be dried after galvanized spray. Duration and complexity are more than steel materials. The steel material is only cut through the plate shears into the required conical plate, and then once rolled into a pole through a plate bending machine, and then through the welding, grinding and other processes to look beautiful, after the completion of galvanized spray.