Selection of solar street light battery components:

May 30, 2019

■Battery: A single crystal silicon solar cell (size: 125 mm × 125 mm). The anti-reflection film of the battery is a silicon nitride film enhanced by plasma chemical vapor deposition, which is dark blue or black. The average conversion efficiency of the battery is above 17%.

■ Component frame: The component frame is made of anodized high-quality aluminum alloy frame with a surface aluminum oxide film thickness of 25 microns. The component frame is provided with four sets of screw holes for easy installation and a set of grounding holes, which fully meet the requirements of international authority certification.

■ Tempered glass: The surface glass of the module uses the low-iron (less than 0.02% iron) tempered glass of Pilkington, Australia, which has a thickness of 3 mm and a light transmittance of more than 92% in most of the optical bands.

■Encapsulation material: The assembly is laminated with anti-aging EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate polymer) imported from abroad and high-quality TPT (composite fluoroplastic film) material with good weather resistance.

■ Junction box: The junction box of the component is designed and manufactured according to the requirements of solar power generation in the international market. It uses high-quality PP material as the junction box outer casing and inner insulation material, silver-plated copper electrode material as the binding post, and two A bypass diode to reduce the hot spot effect. The junction box has a good seal and waterproof performance.