Precautions for using LED high pole light

Jun 22, 2020

High pole lights are suitable for spacious places such as squares, highways, gymnasiums, overpass lights, etc. Because LED street lights are very high and generally have a height of 15-25 meters, they must not be sloppy during installation to prevent unnecessary rework. Recently, a customer asked the LED high pole lamp cable selection and protection when doing the base of the high pole lamp. Next, the LED street lamp manufacturer will give you a detailed analysis:

Selection of LED street lamp cable

Cable cross-section selection, first. Under normal circumstances, when the line distance is not long and the current is large, the cross-section can be selected according to the safe carrying capacity of the wire and cable, and then checked according to the allowable voltage loss.

When the line distance is more than a few hundred meters, the second. It is necessary to consider the selection of the cross-section according to the allowable voltage loss, and then verify the cross-section according to the safe ampacity and mechanical strength requirements.

The street lamp manufacturer is the third for the lines with large terrain fluctuation and large block distance. In addition to selecting according to safe current carrying capacity and allowable voltage loss, the mechanical strength must be verified.

The selection of the neutral line cross section of the distribution line: the neutral line cross section of the three-phase four-wire system should not be less than 50% of the cross section of the phase line; the neutral line of the single-phase two-wire system should be the same as the cross section; the gas discharge lamp is connected for example In the three-phase four-wire system with low power factor such as high-pressure mercury lamp and high-pressure sodium lamp, the fourth. The line contains high-order harmonic currents mainly composed of the third harmonic, so the selection of the neutral line should be based on the phase current of the largest one phase. The neutral wire must be the same size as the cross section of the three phase wires.


LED street light cable maintenance

In order to prevent personal electric shock damage to electrical circuits and electrical fires, Led high pole lighting circuits and lighting appliances are experiencing electrical failures. Short-circuit protection, overload maintenance and grounding protection must be installed, which can cut off the power supply or issue an alarm signal. The usual protective measures of Huake street lamp manufacturers are to use fuses, circuit breakers and residual current maintainers for protection.