Precautions for residential LED street lighting design

Jun 05, 2020

Nowadays, the requirements of many community planning are getting higher and higher. For a modern community, especially in the greening environment, there are higher requirements, especially in the night environment of the community. There are also certain requirements. 


The design of the lamp type and the community, considering the width of the road in the community, there is no tall vehicle, and it is also convenient for later maintenance. The height of the LED street lights in the community is within 4 meters. The lighting of the roads in the community must be bright and at the same time, it must have a good match with the greening during the day, and the coordination of the architectural style and the greening environment must also be considered. For the safety of the lamps, it should be noted that under the larger green trees, it is better to avoid the street lamps with arms. To be simple and smooth, it is necessary to consider that there are nets and bugs in summer, so the protection level of the lamps must not be low.

 The location of the street lights should be consistent with the roads in the community. It should be noted that outdoor lighting cannot have an adverse effect on the indoor environment and cannot cause light pollution to residents.


Power supply and control are now mainly intelligent, which is different from before. Coupled with some solar LED street lights, so a lot of wiring has been reduced. The community does not use wind, and photovoltaics will play a very good role in the future development of the community.