Led street light technical requirements

Mar 02, 2019


1. The LED street lamp is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material. The surface of the lamp body is sprayed and the surface should be able to withstand mechanical pressure and salt spray, automobile exhaust gas, and corrosion of cleaning agent.

2, LED street light enclosure protection level: IP65 or above.

3, Good batwing light distribution design, reflective system using stereo light source or lens light guide design, the lens must use non-imaging secondary optical lens to ensure the road surface brightness and uniformity, increase the radiation range.

4, LED lamps must pass the Guangdong LED street lamp product evaluation benchmark system testing agency inspection and provide inspection report (LED lamps must be the bidders to use the products of the LED products manufacturers).

5, The use of LED street lights ambient temperature should be able to meet -20 ° C ~ +50 ° C, suitable for use in Guangdong, and should meet the special requirements of the specific environment temperature, humidity and corrosive.

6, The power factor of LED lamps: ≥ 0.95, the lamp drive power efficiency ≥ 90%.

7, LED street lamp working AC voltage range: 85V ~ 265V (in this voltage range, LED lamps can still work normally).

8, LED street light has surge suppression performance (anti-lightning), input over-voltage protection, when the voltage returns to normal can resume work.

9, LED street light fixtures must have the ability to automatically adjust the power of the lights in the middle of the night.

10. The luminaire needs to have the elevation angle adjustment function to ensure the illuminance effect of the road surface to the maximum area.