LED lighting street lamp industry is expected to continue to maintain upward trend

- Mar 01, 2018-

Demand for LED lighting products quickly released, the price continued to improve, gradually eroded the traditional share of the original lighting products. This shift, eventually still help lighting industry maintain a considerable growth rate. Data show that in 2016, the national lighting industry as a whole reached 520 billion yuan sales, an increase of 10.6%.

Due to the steady growth of domestic LED lighting market, exports also maintained rapid and steady growth. According to the above report statistics, in 2016, China's lighting appliance industry reached 41.55 billion U.S. dollars, up 15.4%. Similar to the domestic market, the export of products, traditional lighting products steadily retreat, LED outdoor street lighting products in the ascendant. Even in the global economic downturn, LED lighting products still have good prospects for the international market.