Is smart street light pole the development direction of future urban lighting

Jul 21, 2020

Smart street lamp manufacturers have only one earth in the world. With the influence of extreme weather and global warming in recent years, people are paying more and more attention to future environmental development. When it comes to environmental issues, we have to mention environmental pollution. Everyone knows that thermal power generation requires a large amount of coal to burn to produce heat, which is converted into kinetic energy. Only in this way can electricity be produced, and my country’s main power generation method is thermal power generation, so the pollution to the environment can be imagined. While urban lighting is one of the big consumers of electricity, how to save electricity for urban lighting is an urgent problem. Aiming at the two major problems of urban lighting and electricity consumption, Wuxi Intelligent has developed a smart street light pole for environmental problems, which truly achieves multiple uses and integrates multiple functions on one street light pole, which not only saves other functions and needs to be re-laid For construction problems, smart lighting can also be used, and the power saving rate can reach more than 60%.

Wisdom Street Light

Is the smart street light pole the development direction of future urban lighting? The answer is yes, but there is still a certain distance between smart street lights and large-scale construction, because it involves the assistance of all parties, such as construction issues, and future street lights operation issues. However, with the improvement of various systems in our country, the urban lighting in the future will be replaced by smart light poles. At present, smart street lights can be piloted in smart parks, scenic spots, and office communities. Tianxiang Smart has also conducted related installation cases and achieved good results. Next, the country will vigorously develop smart cities in the future, and Wuxi Smart will also actively promote the convenience brought by smart street light poles under the leadership of relevant national departments.