Innovation is the soul of the development of high pole lights

Aug 18, 2020

The term high-pole lamp may be relatively remote to people three or five years ago. However, in recent years, with the vigorous promotion and development of energy-saving products at any time, the high-pole lamp, as one of the typical representatives, has quickly become known to people. Nowadays, whether you are walking on a bustling urban road or strolling on a mountain village road, you will probably look up and see a street lamp with a solar panel! That's right, that is the high pole lamp! The installation of high pole lights saves time and effort. There is no need to travel long distances to lead lines or lay complicated underground cables. You only need to explore a good location, dig pits, bury poles, light up and debug. This kind of street lamp is safer and more convenient to use, and has a longer life cycle of better quality. Because it does not require electricity, almost no maintenance and relatively less investment, it is more and more popular.

High pole lamp generally refers to a new type of lighting equipment composed of a steel pole lamp pole above 15 meters and a high-power combined lamp structure. It is composed of lamp holder, internal lamp electrical, pole body and base part. The shape of the lamp holder can be determined in detail according to user requirements, surrounding environment and lighting requirements. The installation principle of the high pole lamp is simple, and there is no noise, radiation, etc., and the technological content of the product is also very high, so people can use it with more peace of mind. As the name implies, it is undoubtedly very convenient to use the photovoltaic power of too much energy to convert it into electric energy automatically. The price of the high pole lamp is relatively reasonable, because it does not require electricity all year round, and it is completely powered by solar photovoltaic power without maintenance. There are no additional costs for maintenance, etc., so it is reasonable. The price of high pole lights is also acceptable to most people.

During the day, the high-pole lamp will absorb light energy through the sun's rays under the operation of its own intelligent controller, and then convert it into electrical energy. This is the case throughout the day. At night, it will play its role to provide electrical energy to the street lamp. Illuminate people. It is precisely because of this that the price of high pole lights is not so expensive, and it provides better services for communities or streets, energy saving, environmental protection, simple and convenient, so it has become the favorite of the general public, and the reasonable price is easy to be accepted by ordinary families. Choosing a lamp is not as good as choosing a high pole lamp. It has many benefits, and the principle is only obtained after many experiments.

With the rise of high-pole lamps, manufacturers of high-pole lamps have sprung up everywhere. In addition to some large and medium-sized manufacturers with scale and planning, there are also a large number of small manufacturers who follow suit and just want to get a share. So what is the current survival and development status of China's high-pole lamp manufacturers?

Although high pole lights are now attracting more and more attention, the current situation in my country is that traditional street lights are still the mainstream and still occupy an absolute unshakable market share. Of course, this is pressure, challenge and opportunity! Just like back then, no one thinks that shoes can be sold in full swing in Africa without shoes.

Therefore, if high pole lamps want to survive and develop, they must have sufficient financial support and the leaders' keen market insight and courage. For a simple example, if the mass and economic scale of a city are large enough, the manufacturer of high pole lights can completely replace a certain street for free or subsidized, so that more people can feel the quality of high pole lights through personal experience . The development direction of this period is to occupy the market faster and better, occupy the market share of the entire region and even the country at the fastest speed. Of course, the quality of the product itself must be qualified. If you grasp the quality of the product, you can advertise your product with half the effort and become a brand. Brand marketing will account for a large proportion of the future market. In addition, even if it is a free replacement, the after-sales service must be in place. Only by this can the market be fully recognized and trusted.

High pole lamp manufacturers must always maintain the blood of innovation if they want to achieve rapid development. Innovation is the soul of an enterprise. Nowadays, social products, especially electronic products (high-pole lamp controllers are pure electronic products) are updated very quickly, and a momentary negligence will be left behind by opponents forever.