How to properly install solar street light poles

Mar 05, 2019

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How to properly install solar street light poles? This is a very important issue. Let's let Premier Photonics tell you:

    1: The installation point of the street light pole is probably determined by the traffic practice of the road. You can't think about it yourself. This should ensure the practicality of the street light pole, ensure the safety of the citizens, and ensure the beauty of the city. Sex, so it still needs to be taken very seriously.

   2: The spacing between the cantilever rods of the bayonet lamp poles to the ground is at least 5.5 meters. This is strictly measured by experts. It should not be violated at will. Otherwise, it will restrict the passage of many vehicles and the camera may be high. The viewpoint is not so good, and the effect that the camera wants is not achieved.

  3: All the welding of the lamp post is necessary. There must be no appearance of solder joints, and the lamp post needs to be strong. Because it is outdoors all the year round, it has to taste all kinds of bad weather, and still ensure a straight posture. So sturdiness is very important.

  4: This is only the local area that needs attention during construction. In practice, because the character of the streetlight pole plays an important role in our life, and its functional requirements are relatively high, we are often very high, as long as this is the only way to do it. Ensuring the safety of citizens and ensuring the safety of society as a whole.