How to judge whether the solar street light is stable?

Aug 30, 2019

The stability of solar street lights is mainly reflected in three aspects: it will not suddenly extinguish, the quality of LED light source is high, and it can work for several days in rainy days.

  1. It will not suddenly extinguish: Solar street light uses solar energy as energy to charge the battery. At night, the battery supplies power to the light source, so there will be no sudden extinguishing. The solar street light is powered by DC power, and the probability of occurrence is small. If there is a problem with the solar battery, it will not suddenly go out, and the light-emitting part will gradually darken. At this time, we must increase the quality inspection of the solar street light and avoid unnecessary losses.

2, LED light source quality: Solar light source light source is generally used LED lamp head, because LED lamp head has its specific advantages, the lighting market is 50,000 hours, long service life, and in the process of use, will not emit too much heat This extends the life of the light source.

3. It can be used normally in rainy days for a few days: Solar street lights use solar energy to generate electricity. If there is no rainy weather in the sun, can solar street lamps work normally? For this question, solar street lamp manufacturers are designing solar street lamps. The plan takes into account these aspects and sets them according to the local rainy weather conditions. That is to say, the local area is designed for rainy days with a few days of rainy days.