How to do the maintenance of solar street lights?

Jul 25, 2019

1. In case of high winds, heavy rain, hail, heavy snow, etc., measures should be taken to protect the solar cell array to avoid damage.

2. The lighting surface of the solar cell array should be kept clean. If there is dust or other dirt, rinse it with water first, then wipe the water with a clean gauze. Do not rinse with hard or corrosive solvents. ,wipe.

3. For battery packs that match solar LED street lights, they should be used in strict accordance with the battery maintenance and repair methods.

4. Regularly check the wiring of the solar LED street light electrical system to avoid loose wiring.

5. Regularly check the grounding resistance of the solar LED street light.

When a large vehicle with heavy slag is passing through the road, the solar LED module maintenance personnel should regularly inspect the solar cell module. When the surface area of the solar cell module is observed to be gray, the original blue crystal of the solar cell module cannot be seen. When the plate surface is used, the solar cell module should be cleaned and dedusted in time to prevent the solar cell module from absorbing insufficient light and causing insufficient battery charging, thereby affecting the service life of the battery. The solar cell module is cleaned and dusted regularly according to the installation environment of the solar LED street lamp.

• General rural road surface: It is advisable to clean it once every 5-6 months.

• Town street pavement: It is advisable to clean it once in 3-4 months.

When removing dust, use a safe ladder to carry out the dust removal operation. Do not climb the solar LED street light pole directly. Use a clean cotton dry mop to sweep the dust first, then clean it with a wet clean cotton mop.