How to distinguish the quality of the solar street light controller

Jun 29, 2020


Take street lights, for example, the necessary equipment for traveling at night plays an important role in people’s nightlife. Without them, we will not have a good night life. There are many types of street lights, but they are popular among people. We still have to choose solar street lights. Because these street lights use solar energy as the energy source, they are loved by people, and there is a broad space for development.

The solar street lamp controller is the core component of the solar street lamp. It has the function of managing charge and discharge. If the controller has a problem, the entire street lamp will not work properly. It may even cause damage to the battery. If it causes overheating, it will also cause a fire. .

However, with the market competition, the price of solar controllers is getting lower and lower, and the price has dropped to one third of the previous years. Under such circumstances, can the quality of the controller be guaranteed? How should we distinguish a Good solar street light controller? Here are some reference suggestions for you:

1. What charging technology of solar street light controller!

At present, the mainstream charging technology in the market includes three technologies: switch mode, PWM and MPPT. Which charging technology is used directly determines the quality and cost of the controller. MPPT street light controller is better than PWM, PWM is better than switch type. And the price is also proportional, the technical difficulty is also more complicated.

2. Is the solar street light controller easy to operate and install!

At the construction site, they are often ordinary workers who do not know much about the use and characteristics of the product. Therefore, it is best to have a silkscreen street lamp controller wiring diagram on the shell of the street lamp controller we choose, and it is easy to install and clearly marked. , The setting is simple and easy to understand. If the installation is too cumbersome, it may cause the system to work abnormally. At this time, if someone comes back to complain about your controller, it will be a bit wrong.

Solar street light controller

3. Waterproof effect of solar street light controller!

Everyone knows that solar street lights are installed outdoor and work around the clock. Working in a harsh working environment all year round, if the waterproof is not done well, it is easy to cause a series of problems such as corrosion, rust, line aging, etc., which seriously affect the service life of the controller. All water resistance is an important indicator for judging a controller. The current mainstream method is to adopt an aluminum alloy shell and full potting treatment. IP68 is also the highest waterproof indicator at present.

4. Technical maturity of solar street light controller!

In order to speed up the launch of new products, many manufacturers occupy the market as soon as possible. They often rush to the market before the product is fully mature, and have not done some complete tests. Such products will inevitably have many technical problems. Therefore, when we choose solar street light controllers, we need to understand the company's past product information to analyze the maturity of its product technology. As mentioned above, how to distinguish a good solar street light controller requires a lot of reference. This also requires time to analyze the relevant information of the street light controller you need to buy, and also requires your understanding of solar street light controller manufacturers. Knowing oneself and knowing the other can only be effective. [The above content is compiled and released for you by the price of solar street lights]