How to choose the solar street light controller correctly?

Mar 28, 2019


The choice of solar street light controller is often a problem that is ignored by the engineering company. The quality of the controller is uneven. The market price of the controller of 12V/10A ranges from 100-200 yuan, although it is the smallest value in the whole street lamp system. Part, but it is a very important part. The quality of the controller directly affects the component life of the solar street lighting system and the procurement cost of the whole system. One: the controller with lower power consumption should be selected, and the controller will work 24 hours a day, if its own power consumption is large, To consume some of the power, it is best to choose a controller that consumes less than 1 milliamp (MA). Second, to select a controller with high charging efficiency, the controller with MCT charging mode can automatically track the maximum current of the panel, especially in the winter or under-light period, the MCT charging mode is about 20% higher than other. Third: The controller with two-way adjustment power should be selected. The controller with power adjustment has been widely promoted. It can automatically turn off one or two illuminations during the night when pedestrians are scarce, save electricity, and can also adjust the power for LED lights. . In addition to selecting the above power-saving functions, you should also pay attention to the controller's protection function for components such as batteries. For example, the controller with trickle charge mode can protect the battery well, increase the battery life, and set the controller undervoltage protection. When the value is, try to adjust the undervoltage protection value to ≥ 11.1V to prevent the battery from being over-discharged.