How to choose the right LED street light manufacturer ?

Nov 13, 2019

Street lights are a sign of a city night. With street lights, it is convenient for people to travel at night. However, there are many types of street lamps currently on the market, and consumers are dazzling when they are making selections. Especially when selecting LED street lamps, you should have an understanding of LED street lamp manufacturers and specific purchase techniques. Only by clarifying the corresponding skills can you ensure that you choose the right streetlight to prevent being deceived.


First, we should consider the luminous efficiency. With the maturity of technology, some high-power LED light sources can meet the needs of general street lamps. Especially with the advent of nano street lamps, it can meet daily needs. Under normal circumstances, nano LED street lights, the maximum power can reach 100M / W. The higher the luminous power, the better the energy saving effect. This is one of the most important indicators when choosing LED street lights.


Second, we should also understand the corresponding light decay situation. Some merchants, in order to obtain more profits, reduce production costs, will be shoddy. Some of the less powerful LEDs are usually chosen, and these lamps have a higher light attenuation capability. Therefore, for a street lamp that needs to be used for a long time, it should be chosen to have a street lamp with relatively poor light decay.


Third, when making choices, you should also understand the problem of street lamp weight. LED street lights are related due to high technical content and relatively complex composition. Some high-power lamps can usually exceed ordinary high-nanometer street lamps.


Therefore, when understanding the LED street lamp manufacturers, it is very important to understand the specific purchase method.