How to choose outdoor lighting?

May 18, 2020

With the rapid economic development of modern cities, people's living standards continue to increase, and the pressure of life and work is also increasing. In addition to intense work and study, people need a green space away from the hustle and bustle of the city to relax.

Therefore, the open garden space in the city is more and more popular. The importance of this type of "urban oasis" landscape lighting design is gradually increasing. There are many types of landscape design, such as: buildings, squares, overpasses, water features, trees, park roads, etc. The use of appropriate lamps to select the appropriate light source is the focus of landscape design.

Landscape lighting commonly used lamps

1. Large spectacle lamp: 4-8 meters in height, the day is a scene, and the two-layer effect of scene and lighting after lighting at night, some have a color: atmospheric, serious.

2. Street lamp: The general height is 6-12 meters. The standard reason needs that the choice of street lamp height needs to be in harmony with the road width. After inquiry, it is found that the elbow street lamp may not be very beautiful if the height is not enough.

3. Garden lights: 2.5-4 meters high, the style is very rich, the irradiation scale is mainly widely used in itself, mainly in the community and some scenic areas.

4. Lawn lamp: height: 0.5-0.8 meters, wide style comparison, attributed to decorative lamps, it can be used as an auxiliary lighting, and some auxiliary lighting should be carried out in areas with low illuminance between lawns.

5. Buried light (Buried light): The light source goes up, and the light passing through the cover is different, adjust the direction of the light, such as the light up the pillars and trees. According to the grass or a specific plane direction, add a face to cover the light.

6. Tree lighting: It is installed around the tree, and there are few special lamps. Underground lamps and floodlights can also achieve this effect.

7. Underwater light: Put it in the pool. If the light source uses LED, there are many colors. There are different regulations regarding the waterproof grade according to the water depth, and extra low voltage should be used to ensure safety.

8. Step lights (side wall lights): mainly used for stair steps, small-scale partial lighting, that is to make people see steps, roads, etc., but also to set off the effect of the steps.

9. Wall lamp: installed in the gallery column, the two ends of the gate, the middle of the wall, etc., there are many tricks, daytime scenery, night lighting.

10. Flood light: As the name implies, the light is projected to a specific part, highlighting the key lighting.

11. Flood light: the light is scattered, which is attributed to the surface light source

12. Linear lamp: The power of the light source is not very large, and it is often used in groups to outline the large strip light.

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