How outdoor lighting creates warm light

Apr 17, 2020

How outdoor lighting creates warm light

As an important part of providing a comfortable and satisfactory light environment at night, outdoor lighting projects need to reflect the residential area through technical means such as light sources, lighting methods, control systems, etc. under the basic premise of functionality, safety, and aesthetics. Comfortable and harmonious features.


So, how does outdoor lighting engineering create a warm light environment through color temperature and illuminance? The color temperature of the light source is also the color performance of the light, and the psychological influence of the color of the light includes the warm and cold effect and other extended effects. The warm and cold effect uses blue-green and red-orange as the two extreme values of "cold color" and "warm color". Generally, red has a warm feeling, and cyan has a cold feeling. What kind of night scene environment atmosphere needs to be created? The color temperature should be chosen to achieve the desired light effect. The effect of color temperature on people will not only exist in cold and warm feelings, but also related to the level of environmental illumination. Warm light at low color temperature is easier to accept at low illumination levels, while cold light at high color temperature is more popular at higher illumination levels.


The night sky of the community will be relatively pure at night. People are in artificial lighting environment, and it is easy to experience these direct or indirect psychological feelings. Therefore, from the perspective of "warm" and "warm" in the community, a larger space is required Warm color light environment. On the other hand, taking into account the key points, contrasting and harmonious aesthetic relations, landscape nodes and other important community squares and entrances can be properly decorated with cold color temperature lighting.


Outdoor lighting engineering lighting is more important for beautifying the living environment, cultivating people's aesthetic sentiments, and improving people's quality of life, and can make people get rid of the stress and boredom of work and life during the day.