High pole lamp electrical system part:

Dec 14, 2019

1. The electrical part of the high-pole lamp lighting system adopts single-base split-phase (three-phase) control. Each phase is provided with a separate circuit breaker and contactor. The contactor coil adopts AC 220V. Each base high-pole lamp can achieve local control. And centralized remote control;

2. Power supply: 50Hz, AC three-phase five-wire system, 380V / 220V;

3. The power distribution control box of the high pole lamp should have overload, short circuit and leakage protection;

4. Circuit breakers, earth leakage protectors, contactors, circuit breakers, contactors must be provided with auxiliary contacts, and the auxiliary contacts must be led out to the terminal;

5. The various power supply cables in the high pole are reliably connected to the steel wire rope through special clamps, which rise and fall along with the steel wire rope, and they do not bear weight themselves. The lighting power supply cable uses YC high-quality heavy-duty rubber-sheathed cable;

6. High pole lights shall be installed with 400V, 32A sockets and 230V, 16A sockets for maintenance, and the sockets shall be protected by circuit breakers;

7) The connection between the lighting power supply cable at the top of the lamp pole and the lamp cable shall be provided with a junction box, and the protection level of the junction box shall reach IP65;

9) The top of the lamp pole is provided with a drive plate, a protective cover and a lightning rod in accordance with the specifications. The pole base should be embedded with a ground electrode, and the ground resistance should not be greater than 10Ω.