High mast light fixtures

Dec 14, 2019

1. The floodlight lamp adopts aluminum die-casting housing, and the material adopts industrial pure aluminum L2 conforming to: GB3190-82. The lamp is integrated design. It has an independent light source room and an isolation electrical room.

2. The lamp is sealed with a new type of silicone rubber sealing ring, which can withstand high temperatures above 250 ° C, which effectively ensures that the silicone rubber does not age, and the long-term protection level is IP65, and the electrical level is class I. Convenient, safe and reasonable hasp seals are used. The hasp material is stainless steel.

3. The reflector is formed to ensure the requirements of the light distribution curve, without cracks and clear lines. Oxidation treatment: the surface is smooth, uniform, and the reflection coefficient is high, ensuring that the luminous efficiency of the lamp reaches more than 80%, the surface hardness is high, and it is not easy to scratch.

3. The transparent cover uses high-strength tempered transparent glass, which requires high temperature resistance above 250 ℃, high light transmittance and impact resistance.

4. A living carbon fiber respirator is installed in the lamp to ensure the circulation of air and prevent dust from entering the reflective port. The lamp holder adopts an elastic structure and has excellent shock resistance. The lamp holder adopts a rotary sealed lamp holder, and the electric appliance must be designed and installed inside the lamp.

5. The lamp meets the requirements of lightning protection and grounding. Pay attention to the basic conditions and working environment in the area. Ambient temperature: -15-50 degrees Celsius; Ambient wind speed: 36m / s; Earthquake resistance: Grade 6; Design and manufacture (construction) technology meets national standards.