Errors in outdoor lighting projects

Apr 13, 2020


Outdoor lighting engineering design is a very important means to decorate, beautify the environment and create an artistic atmosphere. In order to decorate and beautify the space, increase the layered sense of space, render the corresponding space atmosphere, and let the space convey different atmospheres and layered senses as well as various emotions such as joy, anger, sorrow, and joy, becoming closer to people and bringing Surprise at any time.


There are many ideas and misunderstandings about outdoor lighting engineering design, which even prevents us from designing better works:


Misunderstanding 1: Being different does not necessarily mean it is good. Being unique can make many good works, but being obsessed with uniqueness cannot satisfy customer needs.


Myth 2: Outdoor lighting engineering design is not directly equal to art. Many people think that design is art. In fact, they are completely different disciplines.


Misunderstanding 3: Outdoor lighting engineering design is not the number of lamps to read, the better, but the overall planning through scientific design, to maximize the value of practical and beautiful.


Misunderstanding four: different lighting objects are uniformly illuminated. The lighting design needs to meet the requirements of functional lighting. Different lighting objects should be selected according to different occasions to ensure appropriate illumination.