differences between installation of solar street lights and city circuit lights

Aug 04, 2020


Generally, the installation of street lights first needs to lay cables, which requires the excavation of cable trenches, laying hidden pipes, threading inside the pipes, and backfilling lights. The installation of general street lights still has to carry out long-term installation debugging. If there is a problem with a line, it will be reworked and reworked on a large scale. The amount of engineering required is very large, and it is also very messy. If it is related to the solar street light installation, it is relatively simple. If the solar street light is less than 9 meters above 6 meters, you only need to make a cement base by yourself, and then fix the solar street light with stainless steel screws.

Since the use of solar street lights, although the talks about it have been mixed, the praise for it still occupies a large share. When everyone talks about solar street lights, they may mention the advantages of solar street lights more. That is, its use of power is different from other street lamps, but the advantages of solar street lamps are not only because of this, but also because of the simplicity of the solar street lamp installation.