Design skills of outdoor lighting engineering

Apr 15, 2020

Nowadays, open spaces in cities are getting more and more attention, and the landscape lighting design of outdoor lighting projects has also become more important. The lighting lighting design method is determined according to the landscape environment:


  1. In the design of architectural landscape lighting in outdoor lighting projects, LED corrugated lights with colors can be used to brighten the roof, or LED line lights can be used to outline the eaves, etc. While in the scenic lighting design, the illuminance of the key lighting is preferably 3-5 times that of the basic lighting.


2. When choosing LED lamps in the lighting project, in addition to focusing on the characteristics of the lamp's life, light color, energy saving and other products, it must also consider the brand's brand, product shape, and after-sales service. To meet the premise of functional lighting, the lighting design of the landscape must be unified with the lighting of the surrounding buildings.


3. When using LED lights, the original style of the landscape is better stored at night or other times, and the charm of the landscape is added. The high-brightness light is used to express, and the strong directional light can highlight the building well. The three-dimensional and texture of objects.


4. If you want to create a more beautiful night, you need to perfectly combine LED lighting with the landscape, the two set off against each other and combine with each other.


The landscape lighting design considers a variety of factors to create a unique landscape lighting. At night, the landscape can also become a big and beautiful scenery in the city!