Can street lights be charged?

Jun 01, 2020

With the intelligent street lamp charging function in Shanghai, the charging pile will now become the trend of electric vehicles in the future. With the popularity of electric vehicles, charging problems are becoming increasingly prominent. Although since last year, graphene materials have been gradually integrated into the battery pack to increase the cruising range, the matching and coverage of the charging pile is still about


Easy equipment and low cost


Berlin will install another 1,000 street lamp charging piles, and many street lamps have been modified in Berlin.


This is also a reform to the street lamp industry. New markets are opened. Compared with the dedicated charging pile, the biggest feature of the street lamp charging pile is the low cost. According to Ubitricity's official website: "Compared to other charging stations that cost nearly 10,000 euros (without calculating the operating cost), this solution only costs 500 euros Street lights are modified.


For Germany as a whole, there are about 200,000 utility poles available. In Berlin, nearly 1,000 electric poles will be used as charging poles in the next phase. "The American automobile media gizmag bluntly said that the reason why Ubitricity dared to declare to outsiders that it could make such a cheap street lamp charging pile is because the device has a simple structure and is easy to use.


Among them, the smart charging cable contains smart meters compatible with all models and M2M communication protocol. The user can choose the electricity supplier, and can also see the real-time bill when logging in. It is worth mentioning that the connection manager can be used as a transparent platform for charging and payment links, and can also query the nearest rechargeable point. It can publicly display transaction data in real time, accurately calculate the amount of charge, provide monthly bills, and help users perform energy management.