Advantages of integrated solar street lights

Apr 09, 2020

Now the construction of the new countryside is in full swing, and the old countryside has poor infrastructure and poor living environment. The new countryside construction is to improve this situation and make some improvements to the old style. In the infrastructure, rural roads and street lights The demand is very large, and farmers' requirements for night life are gradually increasing. In terms of lighting in the new countryside, people are increasingly favoring integrated solar street lights. It has been recognized by its own advantages. How does integrated street lights differ from traditional city circuit lights and traditional solar street lights? Next, we will introduce the four advantages of integrated solar street lights:

solar street lights

1. Price advantage: Although the price of traditional city circuit lights is relatively favorable when purchased, the labor and maintenance in the later stage account for a large part of the cost, such as: replacement parts, electricity costs, irregular maintenance, wiring and erecting poles, etc. It consumes costs and consumes a lot of manpower. The solar street lamp is called maintenance-free because it requires almost no maintenance work at a later stage, and only needs to be repaired unless there is damage. The integrated solar street lamp is much cheaper than the ordinary solar street lamp.

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2. Simple construction: The construction process of the traditional city circuit lights is relatively cumbersome. In the early stage, a series of work such as excavation, wiring and landfill are required, and it will occupy a lot of peasant land, so disputes occur frequently; although traditional solar street lights are under construction Shangbi City circuit lights have an advantage, only need to dig pits to fill, no need to dig the ground wiring; integrated solar street lights have two installation methods, can be like traditional solar street lights, dig pits to fill poles, can also be installed On the existing telephone poles, walls and other supports, the construction steps are reduced and the construction progress is accelerated. More than one hundred street lamps can be installed in three days, which is incomparable to the other two street lamps.

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3. Easy maintenance: Once the traditional city circuit lights and solar street lights have problems, the maintenance is more complicated, and it is necessary to arrange professional installers to carry out overhaul. The overhaul process is also cumbersome. Once the parts are not complete, it is necessary A lot of time is wasted, so there are many street lamp factories that are unwilling to go to the local maintenance, then there is a great follow-up maintenance problem; and once the integrated solar street lamp encounters a situation, only the lamp head needs to be removed and sent back to the factory for repair Just save time and effort.

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4. Energy saving and environmental protection: Both traditional solar street lights and integrated solar street lights are low-carbon energy-saving and environmentally friendly products. Energy-saving and environmental protection is the country's future development trend. Integrated solar street lights not only make the countryside more beautiful, it is also a new countryside Build essential lighting products.

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So this is the reason why integrated solar street lights are more popular in the construction of new rural areas. Questions about LED lights, solar street lights, and solar batteries are welcome to interact with Hezong Union.