Advantages and disadvantages of ordinary street lamps and solar street lamps

Oct 22, 2019

The advantages and disadvantages of ordinary street lamps and solar street lamps:

    Advantages of ordinary street lights: they are not affected by the weather. It has no effect on the lack of sunlight. Relatively speaking, the cost of street lamps is slightly lower.

    Disadvantages of ordinary street lamps: In the complicated installation procedure, cables need to be laid, and cable trenches are to be excavated, buried pipes and wires. In some places, it is not easy to bury the pipeline, and the cost will be higher. And a long time of installation and commissioning, wasting a lot of human and financial resources. The electricity bill is also rising with the price, the power station also claims that it is operating at a loss, and often maintains the line. There is a safety hazard in the buried line. If someone else is working in the buried line, it may damage the line pipe and cause a safety accident.

    Advantages of solar street lights: easy to install, no need to lay complicated lines, just dig a small pit, a cement base, fixed with stainless steel screws. Solar street lights rely on solar energy to be converted into electricity, so after construction, they are almost zero-input, requiring only daily maintenance and aging repair of equipment. The procurement cost is relatively high. But later costs will be slowly recovered. Solar street light fixtures have a longer life than city street lights.

    But solar street lights also have shortcomings. No one can guarantee the problem of lighting, such as the life of the battery. But as technology advances, these problems will soon be resolved. Solar street lights believe that they will gradually replace the city circuit lights gradually and become the king of the road.